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About the FAMILIA IPS Company

International parcel shipping from Israel

FAMILIA IPS is an Israeli transport and logistics company that offers to organizations and individuals a full range of services for the delivery of parcels and high-volume cargo from Israel to multiple countries. The most popular destinations are as follows: Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the CIS countries, as well as the EU countries.

Over the years of fruitful work, we were able not only to gain experience in organizing cargo transportation of any complexity, but also to gain the respect and trust of a large number of our clients – organizations and individuals.

Our clients choose our company for many reasons:

Optimal cargo
delivery time

Affordable prices

parcel handling

Safe carriage

We value the reputation of our company as a reliable partner! We will be glad to see you among our clients!

Do you need to send a parcel from Israel?

Only with Familia IPS!

Our services

FAMILIA IPS is a reliable partner in the field of international delivery of goods and parcels from Israel. We provide a wide range of services:

1. Option of the “Home-to-Home” service: a courier picks up a parcel at the specified address in Israel within 12-48 hours and a courier in the recipient country delivers the parcel to the addressee’s house.

2. Option of online tracking of the courier’s arrival to pick up a parcel in Israel.

3. Provision of packaging material (box of the required size, duct tape, etc.).

4. Assistance in drafting of all the accompanying documents, taking into account the requirements and regulations of the State of Israel and of the country of destination.

5. Storage of parcels in a specially equipped warehouse with round-the-clock video surveillance until their dispatch out of Israel.

6. Delivery of parcels from Israel is carried out by sea, air or land.

Our advantages

FAMILIA IPS delivers packages from Israel to countries all over the world. Multiple legal entities and individuals choose us for several reasons:

  • We never break our agreement with our clients and we successfully operate in the field of international cargo transportation;
  • We practice individual approach to each client, focusing on his needs;
  • Cargo/Parcels are collected by our couriers in all cities of Israel;
  • Our clients can choose the most appropriate method of sending and receiving the goods:

Sea transportation

Air transportation

“Hand-to-hand” delivery

“Door-to-warehouse” delivery

  • The pricing policy of the FAMILIA IPS Company is transparent: type of delivery, as well as such factors as dimensional weight, physical weight of the package and other factors affect the cost of delivery of the goods. You can obtain more information on the preliminary cost of delivery from our operators.
  • Our clients are always sure that their package will not get lost and will not get affected by adverse factors. Up until the moment of dispatch out of Israel, parcels are stored in a dry and well-ventilated warehouse with 24/7 video surveillance.
  • There are always all the necessary packaging materials in stock: boxes, duct tape, etc.;
  • Our managers will help draft the accompanying documents and will answer questions regarding sending of parcels.

FAMILIA IPS is the best and most cost-effective way
to deliver your cargo anywhere in the world!

How to send a package through FAMILIA IPS

First of all, you have to prepare the parcel, taking into account the rules and laws imposed by Israel and by the recipient's country.

Call our courier - by phone or fill out a form on our website.

You have to tell our operator the country of destination, the exact weight of the package, its size and the nature of the cargo. Among the payment methods are cash, credit cards, checks or bank transfer.

Correctly fill out the customs declaration/invoice for the parcel. Our employee can help you do this (duly filled out declaration significantly eases the process of customs inspection).

A courier of FAMILIA IPS will pick up a package from your home in any city of Israel. As soon as he is sent to your location, you will receive an SMS message to your phone. You can find out the exact time of his arrival using the application that allows you to track the route of the courier.

After you hand over the parcel to the courier, you will receive an SMS confirmation message.

You can track the location of the parcel en route on our website by entering the track code that you will receive via SMS as soon as your parcel is registered at the reception warehouse.

We shall take care of all the difficulties of further customs clearance and logistics.

Important! Rules on the duty-free import of goods differ significantly from country to country. If you exceed the permissible limit for duty-free importation, customs duties will be collected by the customs authorities of the host country from the recipient of the parcel.

Our clients choose our company for many reasons:

Among the priorities of our company are the optimal cargo delivery time, affordable prices, careful parcel handling, safe carriage, high quality of services, efficient organization of work and the ability to solve non-standard tasks.

We value the reputation of our company as a reliable partner and will be glad to see you among our clients!

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